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(located in houston, USA) is a manufacturing company specializing in industrial, medical,

aquaculture, construction and other fields. From high-pressure control products for industry

high-precision sensors for healthcare, ANWOLL is committed to making devices more efficient

and creating value for customers. Through production automation and technological change,

we help global customers experience more cost-effective products.


Address: 5600 Bonhomme Rd. Suite #A Houston, TX 77036 -USA


Anwoll went out of the United States and set up a research and development center

in Asia to expand its business in Asia. Currently forming a dual product line strategy for

pressure switches and sensors, we are actively developing new products to meet new

challenges and opportunities.

AddressBuilding 6, No.388 Xingguo Road, Linping Street, Linping District,

Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province-CHINA


Anwoll actively integrates into the local culture and implements the localization

strategyof its employees. To make our employees thereal asset of ANWOLL's

globalization, we follow the local code of business conduct andrespect local

customs. It brings convenience, flexibility and openness to our customers.

ANWOLL IN North America

Business opportunity for ANWOLL. We set up a brand operation center in Mexico with

our partners, which is responsible for the distribution and sales of ANWOLL products.

Please contact the Operations center in Mexico for customers in North America.


Through the in-depth exploration of our field engineers and R & D personnel in

construction, industry, fire, medical and other industries, we control the digitalization

of the operation principle and working environment requirements of relevant

equipment.We have made the following innovations to our products:

1, High precision. In order to meet the demanding requirements in special environments

    such as laboratories or medical treatment, we have comprehensively improved the

    accuracy of sensing and pressure products, for example: we use German high-precision


2. Durability. Each type of product has to carry out 100,000 or even 1 million working life

    tests, and we strict factory standards to ensure that users are worry-free.

3, Anwoll engineers in-depth understanding of customer needs, and the problems faced.

    Our research and development centers in Asia and the United States provide technical

    support to the site and strive to keep the product dynamic.